Jada  Williams
Dean of Students
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Principal's Corner

Welcome to MCEAEC

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The administration, faculty, and staff continue to plan and prepare for the arrival of your child/ children. We strive to prepare a smooth transition for each student who attends Madison County Excel Alternative Center (MCEAEC). On  behalf of faculty and support staff, I want to express my sincere welcome to you and your child.


MCEAEC staff is excited to welcome all parents, students and community stakeholders to our faculty. We look forward to developing a strong partnership between schools, parents, and students. This partnership will insure all stakeholders share the responsibility of each student being successful in achieving their educational goals. This "shared" responsibility approach will assure each student is successful. We, at MCEAEC, offer an open invitation for our parents and our community to become involved in the education of our students.


MCEAEC will continue to ensure a smaller teacher to student ratio, while mandating student success through a more interactive approach to teaching and learning. Students will receive both "face to face" and computer instruction while the staff works to confirm all educational needs are met within the confines of an alternative school setting. We will offer diverse opportunities for our students' personal growth and success through a dynamic educational experience. It is our goal to ensure that your child/ children will encounter a variety of experiences that will build their academic, social, and personal future.

Many things change in our society and education. However, there is one thing that remains the same with our students; their parents. Parents are the single most important factor in a child's academic success. It is imperative that parents, teachers, students, and the community make a collaborative effort in making education a daily priority, in EVERY child's life. I look forward to working with each parent and/or community stakeholder to ensure that the children at MCEAEC are successful.


I want to wish everyone a happy and productive school  year. I look forward to seeing parents as they begin setting aside an hour each month to attend PTO/SACs meetings and thirty minutes each week to make a surprise visit to see what is taking place in the classroom.




Jada WIlliams

Dean of Students